Northern Finistère, rich in discoveries !



 Finistere (literally: the end of the Earth, Pen ar bed in Breton), French department offering 795 km of coastline, is surrounded by the English Channel and Atlantic. The villas we offer are located in a protected environment of rugged coastline. This Authentic Britain offers fabulous scenery and has many tourist attractions.


Come and discover an exceptional region and you'll be seduced by the charm and scenic beauty of Finistere.


The golf of Carantec enjoys a unique seafront, a landscape and a breathtaking view. This is a 9 holes certified golf accessible to players of all levels. Golfs in Finistere.

Le Golf de la côte des sables à Plouescat, 9 holes in construction, welcomes you.



Heritage lovers will be delighted to discover the Manor of Tronjoly, the Castle of Kergounadéac'h, the Manor of Kermenguy and the Castle of Kerjean.

ile de Batz-Finistere

Ile de Batz

From Roscoff, Carantec Plougasnou, Moguériec, you can sail to the island of Batz (Ile de Batz in French). A hike all over the island with family or friends will make you leave the planet for a moment. Do not miss the beautiful botanical garden. And to finish the day, a small "slice of the country" will be your reward at the "bigorneau llangoureux".



Do not enter in Finistere without stopping in Roscoff, "Pirate Bay" ("cité pirate" in french), "little city with caractère in Britany" ("petite cité de caractère de Bretagne" in french) label issued under strict conditions. also stop a while for the exotic garden of Roscoff.


Islands and Islets

A multitude of other islands and islets are available to you, such as Callot Island (Carantec) and the island of Sieck (Santec), accessible on foot at low tide, also the Black Isle, the island Louet and many others. Magical!



Peninsula Carantec offers breathtaking scenery. Between history (the Castle of Taurus, the Black Isle ...), sports activities, pleasant beaches and coves, enjoy special moments. Let yourself be lulled by the sweet life in Carantec.

oceanopolis brest


In Brest, Océanopolis, a magical aquarium, makes you discover the marine world. You will see life with their eyes.



Cairn of Barnenez

Overlooking the sea, the Cairn Barnenez is the largest megalithic mausoleum of Europe. Must be seen. Its situation and history make it a place imbued with magic. (near Morlaix)

chateau du taureau-carantec

Chateau du Taureau

The castle of Taurus (chateau du taureau in french), built in 1542 in order to protect the English threat, deserves a visit. You can board at Carantec or Plougasnou. Learn more. Sometimes you'll discover shows in the castle about a magical and enchanting Britain.



Usually near the beaches, the 15th Century parish (enclos paroissiaux in French) is symbolising the pride and Breton competition that engaged the villages.



A part of sea fishing is proposed by Authentique Pêche 22.



Locronan is considered like one of the most beautiful villages in France. Like Roscoff, it has the label "small city of caratère". All houses are built of granite gray-blue. Exceptional.

Casino FinistèreCasinos

For fans, two gaming casinos welcome you day or evening, Roscoff and Plouescat. Place your bets ...

Restoration shows and theme nights are available.


Natural regional park

The Iroise Marine Natural Park stretches from l'"Ile de Sein" to l'"Ile d'Ouessant". This part of the Atlantic Ocean is considered like one of the richest in biodiversity and has been ranked first marine park in France in October 2007. The site attracts especially passionate diving and watersports (kitesurfing, surfing, kayaking). Fauna and flora are remarkable. Iroise Sea is part of the "Parc Régional Naturel d'Armorique", which also includes "la Presqu'île de Crozon", "l'Aulne Maritime" and "les Monts d'Arée".

peche-à-piedFishing on foot

Do not miss the fishing expedition on foot. A time for sharing with family and friends. And what a joy to eat the fruit of your harvest. Remember, however, certains rules of caution and protection of our marine heritage. Good fishing.



And if you enjoy a morning at the center of thalassotherapy in Roscoff? Give yourself some time just for you.



Brittany has some great restaurants. The traditional crêperie or a gastronomic restaurant : you will find one that suits you.



Markets are numerousin Finistère. The colors and flavors will whet your appetite. List of markets.



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