Are you going on vacation? Earn money instead of spending it!

Whether it is a second home or a primary residence, have you thought about renting it? Supervised seasonal renting is the ultimate solution combining Efficiency, peace of mind and security for the owner.


You choose when you want to rent your villa. We will look for tenants and take care of all paperwork. You want to introduce a trustworthy person who takes care of your property during your absence? He/She will be the special link between the tenant, Dreaming-Places and yourself. He/She will handle the inventory and the keys while being able to count on our assistance at any time.

You do not know anyone that can handle these formalities? We can help you select the right person.


We provide the necessary protections, Secured payment, Financial Guaranties, Professional Responsibilities and cancellation insurance for the tenant.

You do not want to leave everything available to the tenants? Combine in a closed room all you want to sideline and keep the key.

We know that empty houses spoils if they are left unattended for too long (lack of heating and humidity)


You can believe on an interesting profitability depending on the nominated property, enough to make improvement or development works without external finances. Have a property that sleeps: what a pity! We offer an immediate annuity without any substantial investment. Let us help you. Do you have questions or you want clarification? Please feel free to contact us by email or by phone. We may also call you at a time that suits you on request by mail, and even meet you. Thinking about seasonal rental, we can help…

Going on vacation? Earn money instead of spending it!


By going through a real estate professional, you will avoid in the vast majority of cases being subject to the payment of social security contributions which can go up to 34% of the result. And it is possible to be exempted from paying the additional residence tax. Think about it. We can inform you in more detail and remain at your disposal

Dreaming Places is commited to :


Make every effort to rent your villa at the best conditions for you


Perform the necessary communication and adequate representation of your property


Using advertising customized to your property


Collect the necessary guarantees from the tenants


Answering your questions within 24 hours


Notify you monthly about the rental booking of your property

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