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Dreaming Places - Locations de vacances haut de gammeWe offer the best of our rigorous selection.

In love with travelling, discoveries and beautiful mansions, I wanted to share my passion with others and what is more natural than to offer a dream holiday to exigent holidaymakers?

Presenting luxurious homes in an exceptional setting seemed obvious at the time. The selected properties will bring you the authenticity, the charm and the relaxation you deserve. But we're not stopping here. We select for you a vast variety of interests; just like a tourist guide to pick the places to visit, the restaurants to discover, the entertainments to choose from and many other surprises.

Let us show you around. Every so often we will even be able to personally recommend you as special guest. Our recommendations will sometimes, according to your interests, be able to offer you a personalized welcome. That is one holiday of your dream, allow yourself to let go, let us guide you and take care of you. Give yourself a break, for a moment of happiness you will remember for a long time. The dream is within your reach.

Sébastien RISPAL.

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10 impasse des Dunes

29680 Roscoff

tél 06 79 94 81 38


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